About Skye


Skye is a world traveler for business and leisure.  India, France, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, etc-no matter where she goes, she makes connections with the local community.  American travelers may have a bad reputation, but Skye is no tacky tourist.  She’s interested in local people but not in a condescending sort of way.  She approaches other cultures from a position of openness, wonderment, and mutual respect.

Skye is a global citizen with long-time acquaintances and friends who keep her informed of regional and local events abroad.  So, whether she is traveling for business or leisure it’s always a pleasure getting the inside tip on events and activities during her travels.

Skye’s travelogues are packed with vivid details-you will feel like you are standing next to her in the Louvre or have made the trek with her to an ancient temple. Budget travelers will appreciate her tips for obtaining Internet discounts, off and shoulder season travel bargains and airfare discounts. She talks about everything: where to go, what to see, where to shop, and what’s really going on outside of the tourist areas.

As one sister put it:

Your postings are always so rich and textured – wonderful multicolored tapestries which succeed in weaving an awareness and appreciation of the topography of all the many places you visit with the socio/economic/political realities and dreams of the people. Your words feed my spirit and titillate my need to feel, see, smell, hear for myself.


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