Excerpt from “Haven” by Spoken

(An excerpt)

The sheets were soaked from the wetness that escaped from her lover. Deanna wanted to see just how wet she could make her and pulled down her pants, slipping her dildo into Nicole’s pussy. Nicole gasped and moaned, filling the room with her cries. Deanna sucked on her breast while she pushed herself inside of Nicole as deep as she possibly could. Nicole ran her nails down Deanna’s back clawing at her flesh. Deanna enjoyed her fight and forced her legs apart wider so she could slide into Nicole a few more inches.

She felt herself hitting Nicole’s walls and reveled in the fact that she was causing her pleasurable discomfort.Deanna pushed up off of Nicole, still keeping her dick inside of her, and placed Nicole’s legs on her shoulders. She held Nicole’s hips and pulled her flush against her dick. She thrust her torso back and forth, forth and back, rocking in unison with this beautiful creature that openly received her. It was times like these that Deanna envied the fact that her strap was just a dildo and not a true extension of her body. She could feel Nicole contract against her dick, holding on to it for life support.

Sweat rolled down her face and landed in small puddles on Nicole’s stomach. She flipped Nicole over and started fucking her from behind. She loved watching her receive her while on all fours. Her ass backed up against her and she pushed herself against Nicole’s ass.

Their act was a gentle fight over power. Deanna would let her have control tonight but after this moment Nicole would be at her feet, begging to submit. This fueled her and she grabbed Nicoles neck, squeezing tightly while feeding Nicole with every inch of her large dick. She got lost in the wetness and warmth that emitted from Nicoles pussy. She wanted to climb inside of her and bury herself within Nicoles heat. Without warning Deanna started cumming profusely. Nicole came with her, her juices ran down the dick, and she pushed it out from the force of her muscles contracting.

They fell to the sheets breathing heavy.“Baby you have a beautiful pussy.” They both laughed, barely able to catch their breath…

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