Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project Fundraiser (film)

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Filmmaker Tiona McClodden and publisher Lisa C. Moore announce their collaboration for a feature-length documentary film, Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project. UBLEP will highlight interviews with black lesbian elders in their 60s, 70s and 80s from across the United States and situate them in a range of black historical movements, spanning the decades between the 1930s and 1980s.

Get yourself some Black Girl Love

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Black Girl Love is a collection of (mostly) stories by Anondra “Kat” Williams.

These 32 pieces reveal love in all of its guises. Where there is love there is always an undercurrent of vulnerability, of danger. These characters take the risk of revealing themselves to each other; they hold up a mirror to our own fears, anxieties and passionate successes.

Nearly every week, as the host of Sippin On Ink, Anondra brings to the forefront the best the lgbt community has to offer. Black Girl Love fits firmly in that category.

Call For Submissions: Lesbian Couples – Love and Passion (Cleis Press)

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Lesbian Couples: Love and Passion
Editor: Radclyffe
Publisher: Cleis Press
Deadline: September 15, 2011 (Publication Date: Fall/Winter 2012)
Payment: $50 and 2 contributor copies

Theme: Romance and passion among long-term lesbian couples

Banked fires burn hotter, and none flame as brightly as the passion that grows between women after the first flare of attraction subsides. We seek short fiction featuring lesbian couples who know how to keep the home fires alive with romance and passion. Surprise us with romantic, sexy tales of married-with-children pairs, golden anniversary celebrants, or modern adventurers who re-write the rules of partnering: date nights, spur of the moment getaways, trysts in the middle of the afternoon, surprises and secrets of keeping love and desire blazing after the wedding bells stop pealing. Erotic content and emotional/romantic elements should be given equal weight

Deadline for Submissions: September 15, 2011

Guidelines for Submissions
– Published or unpublished short stories or novel excerpts (Previously published material acceptable if published between Jan 1, 2011 & February 28, 2012)
– Word count: 5000 words or less
– Electronic submissions only to: radclyffe.bsb@gmail.com
– e-mail header: Couples_ AuthorName or Pseudonym _Title
– .rtf attachment (story)
– e-mail body: story title, author legal name, pseudonym if any, address, phone/fax, e-mail address, word count, if story previously published: anthology title/publisher/Pub date, 50 word bio

Story Format:
– Arial; 12 pt; .rtf
– double-spaced; number pages upper right; standard paragraphing; no HTML
– file name: AuthorName or Pseudonym_Title

General Info:
– You will receive email confirming submission receipt with 7 days
– Submission decisions will be provided by e-mail by Feb 2012
– Multiple submissions (no more than 2) accepted
– Payment: $50 and 2 contributor copies
– Please send questions to: radclyffe.bsb@gmail.com

Skyeview – Hong Kong, Korea, & More

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Skyeview Traveler

Have you been keeping up with travel-blogger Skye? Recently, she visited the Hong Kong Museum, saw a performance by Drum Cat (an all female percussion group), has explored several cities, and shares her discoveries and adventures with us.

For example, here’s a taste of Korean Hip Hop:

Got your passport ready? Head over to Skyeview for a virtual tour.

Profile: Jewel Thais Williams

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Jewel Thais Williams: Owner of the Oldest Black SGL-T Club in America/ Humanitarian – A Life of Service
by Doug Cooper Spencer

In a time when black patrons had to show I.D. to get into white owned gay clubs – sometimes even two pieces of I.D. were required, all while we stood to the side and let the white patrons waltz by with impunity – Jewell Thais Williams, a black lesbian, took it upon herself to open The Catch One in L.A. The year was 1972, making Catch One the oldest black owned gay and lesbian clubs in the country.

Over the years Jewell went on to not only own the club, but to actually purchase the land on which it stands as well. Today, Catch One is the oldest black owned gay club in the country.

If you’ve ever been to L.A., most likely you’ve partied at Catch One. I know I did for many years back in the 1970’s and ‘80’s when I lived on the West Coast. What began as a single bar ensconced in a large building on Pico Boulevard, eventually became an entire playground as Jewel Thais Williams came to own the entire site transforming the single bar into a multi-level club with three dance floors and three bars as well as a restaurant.

But not only is the complex for partying, Jewel, having always been a humanitarian and one dedicated to wellness, has also opened up a holistic health clinic, offering health care to the underserved and the underinsured of the community, in another part of the site.

Even if you’ve never been to Jewel’s Catch One you’ve probably seen it. It’s been the location for many events over the years, from music videos, to films and T.V., shows like the T.V. series, ‘Cold Case’, films like ‘I’m Gonna Get You Sucker’ and BAPS (the Halle Berry film). However, many will recall Catch One as the location for some episodes of ‘Noah’s Arc’ (especially the one in which Noah and friends did the drag number at the end of one of the shows). The Catch One has also served as host of many, many political and humanitarian events over the decades as well.

But there would be no Catch One, no community health center or vegetarian restaurant without the spirit and the energy of Jewel Thais Williams. Not only was it Jewel’s vision to offer a place for black gays and lesbians to socialize during a period when both homophobia as well as racial discrimination worked against the black SGLT community, but she has also been a longtime HIV/AIDS and wellness activist for many years, co-founding the Minority AIDS Project and opening Rue’s House for women and children with HIV/AIDS during the height of the AIDS crisis.

Jewel is also certified in alternative Chinese medicine and opened the non-profit Village Health Foundation to provide holistic healthcare to the underserved and the uninsured in the community.

The clinic, which is situated next door to the club – on property she also purchased – was opened by Jewel to provide quality supplemental and medical care to everyone, regardless of race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or their financial situation.

Jewel and her spouse Rue, also founded Rue’s House, the first residential home in the nation, for homeless women and children with HIV/AIDS.

Rue’s House, no longer needed due to the medical advancements in the AIDS community, closed its doors in 1997 and reopened as The Village Manor currently serving recovering adults with substance abuse issues. In addition to these endeavors, they have recently established the Vegan Village Internet Cafe, again, spreading Jewel’s message of wellness by offering an organic vegetarian menu.

The road hasn’t been easy for Jewel, though. I can recall sitting and talking with her so many years ago, hearing her tell of the death threats against her and threats of arson against her property – some, it appeared, even from within the gay community, white gay club owners who felt she was ‘siphoning’ offer their black gay clientele – I would hear of Feds threatening to shut her business down. We would talk and she would tell me how exhausting it could become, and with that smile and that warm demeanor, she would tell us how she would persist because she knew what she was doing was right.

That was many years ago when we would sit at the bar and talk, and today at age, 71, looking as spry as ever, Jewel keeps going.

In an era that seems to focus so much on self-indulgence and escapism in the black LGBT community, Jewel Thai Williams’s life offers a treatise on the real value of life, wellness and service to others. Thank you so much, Jewel.

Skin Folk – The Movie

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Director M. Asli Dukan is making an anthology horror film based on stories from Skin Folk by Nalo Hopkinson. Donations to this project are tax deductible.

More info about Skin Folk: The Movie | The Book

Black Lesbian Movie News!

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Focus Features has closed an acquisition deal for worldwide rights for Pariah, the Dee Rees-directed coming of age story of a 17-year old African American teen from Brooklyn trying to find her place in the world, and coming to terms with her identity as a lesbian.

Sipping On Ink Interview: Pariah – The Film


Mississippi Damned

Mississippi Damned will be airing on the Showtime Network this month and in March it will show on The Movie Channel. Here’s the schedule.

Sippin On Ink Interview: “Mississippi Damned” director Tina Mabry and producer Morgan Stiff

Excerpt from “Haven” by Spoken

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(An excerpt)

The sheets were soaked from the wetness that escaped from her lover. Deanna wanted to see just how wet she could make her and pulled down her pants, slipping her dildo into Nicole’s pussy. Nicole gasped and moaned, filling the room with her cries. Deanna sucked on her breast while she pushed herself inside of Nicole as deep as she possibly could. Nicole ran her nails down Deanna’s back clawing at her flesh. Deanna enjoyed her fight and forced her legs apart wider so she could slide into Nicole a few more inches.

She felt herself hitting Nicole’s walls and reveled in the fact that she was causing her pleasurable discomfort.Deanna pushed up off of Nicole, still keeping her dick inside of her, and placed Nicole’s legs on her shoulders. She held Nicole’s hips and pulled her flush against her dick. She thrust her torso back and forth, forth and back, rocking in unison with this beautiful creature that openly received her. It was times like these that Deanna envied the fact that her strap was just a dildo and not a true extension of her body. She could feel Nicole contract against her dick, holding on to it for life support.

Sweat rolled down her face and landed in small puddles on Nicole’s stomach. She flipped Nicole over and started fucking her from behind. She loved watching her receive her while on all fours. Her ass backed up against her and she pushed herself against Nicole’s ass.

Their act was a gentle fight over power. Deanna would let her have control tonight but after this moment Nicole would be at her feet, begging to submit. This fueled her and she grabbed Nicoles neck, squeezing tightly while feeding Nicole with every inch of her large dick. She got lost in the wetness and warmth that emitted from Nicoles pussy. She wanted to climb inside of her and bury herself within Nicoles heat. Without warning Deanna started cumming profusely. Nicole came with her, her juices ran down the dick, and she pushed it out from the force of her muscles contracting.

They fell to the sheets breathing heavy.“Baby you have a beautiful pussy.” They both laughed, barely able to catch their breath…

Buy Haven | Visit the Author’s website

Call For Submissions: Life, Love & Lust 2011

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Would you like to be part of the best Lesbian Anthology ever?

Lesbian Memoirs.com and LMInc is now accepting for the second collection of lesbian stories for the anthology “Life, Love & Lust 2011” and would like to include YOU!

Submissions are open from December 1, 2010 thru February 28, 2011. All entries must be submitted by February 28, 2011 to be considered for publication.

Prize: Publication in “Life, Love & Lust 2011” Anthology July 2011

Genre: LGBT Fiction/ Non Fiction

Subject: Any subject will be considered to include Drama, Mystery, Love, Horror, Romance, Erotica, Life…

Lesbian Memoirs


Guidelines for Submission:

• All entries must be fiction or non-fiction and unpublished, to include any short stories posted on LesbianMemoirs.com.
• Include a cover page with: Author’s/Artist’s Name, Title of Submission(s), Address, Phone/Fax, and Email Address.
• Each submission should be a maximum of 6,000 words (list word count on title page)
• All submissions must be typed & double-spaced; number the pages.
• There is no limit on the number of stories to be submitted.
• All entries should be emailed to LesbianMemoirsShorts@gmail.com and can be submitted in docx, .doc, and .pdf formats.
• Accepted submissions will be announced by May, 2011. Emails with details will be sent to all that will be included in the anthology.
• Accepted submissions will be edited and the writer will be notified of the changes to approve before printing occurs.
• Previously published stories and stories forthcoming at other publications will not be considered. If your story is accepted by another publication, please email LesbianMemoirsShorts@gmail.com to withdraw it from consideration.

The final deadline for us to receive your submission will be February 28, 2011. All submissions will be responded to by the end of April. The anthology will be published in July by LM Inc.

Please make a copy of all submissions. No submissions will be returned.

Call for Submissions – Perverts of Color

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(announcement originally found at Racialicious)

The voices of US racial minorities in alternative sexual communities are important but often unheard. The Perverts of Color anthology is a collection of voices from people of color (POCs) who participate in alternative sexual and relationship practices which include but are not limited to: S&M, D/s, leather, kink, fetishism, polyamory, and swinging. If you are a person of color who has been or is involved in the kink and/or poly community, the Perverts of Color anthology needs to hear your story.

Our Intent
a) celebrate the experiences of US racial/ethnic minorities navigating alternative sexualities;
b) recover hidden histories and recognize the contributions of POCs to alternative sexuality rights and culture;
c) share stories about ways POCs have resisted dominant narratives about their sexuality; and
d) create possibilities for coalition and resistance for kinky POCs.

We are accepting non-fiction essays (1,500-5,000 words) related to the theme of the intersection of race and alternative sexual practices. New authors are welcome. Fiction, erotica, and poetry are not accepted. The Perverts of Color anthology is intended as a multi-ethnic, multi-racial collection, so we encourage all POCs to submit their stories. We invite POCs of all genders, ages, religions/spiritualities, sexual orientations and socio-economic backgrounds. All authors will keep the copyright to their submission, have a printed biography, and receive one copy of the completed book.

Contact Us

If you are interested, email us at pervertsofcolor@gmail.com with a one-paragraph summary of your essay (250 words maximum) and a short bio (250 words maximum). All submission summaries are due by December 15th at 12 midnight (Eastern Standard Time). We will contact authors individually to express interest in a complete submission.