Call For Submissions – Where Women Gather

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MARKET: When Women Gather
Editor: Claudia Moss
Deadline: January 11, 2011
Payment: $50/story and 1 copy of the book upon publication

At some point in life, women have stood in the presence of other women and known authentic power and healing energy and the beauty of the erotic, and as a result of this experience, have been transformed, in some way, into a greater vision of self. The forthcoming anthology, When Women Gather, will depict what this phenomenon feels like, tastes like and looks like, through a range of unique short stories, essays, personal accounts and narrative poetry.

I am seeking well-written, literary submissions from women young and old, from every corner of the globe, from the published and unpublished. Submissions can be erotic, sensual, romantic, political, spiritual or humorous and fictional or nonfiction. Embrace your imagination.

Ponder writing about refugee women and girls banning together in a strange land, a street of women who come together to rid the neighborhood of a crack house, women who pray together in drumming or humming circles to excise the world of negative energy, women who embrace the erotic in the taboo of loving one another, women who must survive in a country where they do not speak the language, refuge women who watch family members extradited back to poverty-stricken or war-torn countries, women who camp under the stars in North Georgia mountains at women’s festivals or women who meet in a nursing home to honor a matriarch. I’m flexible but not taboo friendly, so please no incest, underage characters, or bestiality.

Stories should be unpublished, between 1,500 and 4,000 words, and submitted as a Word attachment. Two (2) submissions are allowed per writer. Please include a cover letter with a paragraph bio and full contact info (mailing address, phone number, and real name/pseudonym) when you send your submissions. All submissions that fail to adhere to these directives will be deleted unread.

Payment will be $50/story and 1 copy of the book upon publication. Contributors retain the rights to their stories. The editor has the final approval over the manuscript.
Send your submissions as a Word document to

If you have any questions about When Women Gather, please query

Manuscripts will be accepted on a rolling basis, so writers are encouraged to submit early.

The Social Media Thing

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Just FYI – The Facebook page gets updated way more frequently than this blog. If you  follow us on Facebook, you would already know that:

Publishing ABC’s

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Publishing ABC’s

by Anondra “Kat” Williams, host of Sipping On Ink

At the end of one of my shows I was pondering if the world of writing and publishing had changed or is changing due to the growing popularity of Lesbian literature. I also wondered if a down economy affected niche writers. Since I know a few folks I figured why not just ask those doing it, it being writing and publishing.

Now imagine if you can a lunch with four very popular but diverse writers, imagine also that they are all lesbians and to make it even better they are black. Imagine a very nosey radio show host sitting in the middle and thinking this is just about perfect. I can imagine all of this and with the power of technology I’ve managed to achieve it long distance. Joining me at the table are S. Renee Bess, Cheril N. Clarke, Tawanna Sullivan and C.D. Kirven. I’m in the middle–nosey radio host Kat Williams.

If the names aren’t familiar then you haven’t been reading much in the last year or so, well at least nothing from the lesbian fiction aisle of your local bookstore or online site (if you haven’t figured it out by now, we didn’t all meet for lunch but thanks to the power of Ma Bell and speed typing of yours truly we did talk, well they talked and I typed). If you don’t know my name, well just shame on you.
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Black LGBT Spirituality

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Current events may have you thinking about the black lgbt experience in church or black lgbt spirituality in general.

The good folks over at Fire & Ink have “compiled a list of literature by GLBTQ people of African descent that explores the complex issues being talked about in recent days.” Check it out.

You can also visit our SpiritSpace to see what other readers have shared with us through the years.

Kuma Recommends… Family

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What It’s About
After literally forcing a lover in the closet to avoid a confrontation with her mother, Felicia decides that it may finally be time (for the sake of her relationship and sanity) to come out. She convinces her other closeted friends that they should all come out together–and they make a pact to do so within 30 days. As each woman contemplates coming out, she will have to face her own separate fears, challenges, and consequences.

Why It’s Good
Family is not a preachy, after-school special type of movie where coming out magically saves the day. The characters are well-rounded and their stories are engrossing. We have:

  • Kemp–a pro-basketball player who has to consider “her image”
  • Felicia–an actress who wonders if Hollywood and her Jamaican parents can handle her truth
  • Tonya–who finds herself in crisis mode when her sister unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep
  • Melanie–a woman fighting for the right to see her daughter
  • Monifah–salon owner who, among other things, has to deal with homophobic clients
  • Sabrina–a doctor who is worried that accepting her sexuality will be hazardous to her spiritual health.

Though Family deals with serious issues, it is full of funny moments. The writing, bolstered by the comic timing of the actresses, is on point. When the credits roll, you will be left wanting more but in a good way. Six months later, what will Felicia and crew be up to?

The multi-talented Faith Trimel directed the film, wrote the screenplay and was one of the principle cast members. With so many duties you would think that she would have faltered somewhere along the way, but she didn’t. We are looking forward to seeing what she does next.

The Verdict
Equal parts drama and comedy, Faith Trimel’s Family is a great movie.
Buy It!

Meet the ladies of Life, Love & Lust – 8/11 @ 8pm (est)

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On August 11 @ 8pm, the editors and writers behind Life, Love & Lust will be featured on Sippin On Ink.

I’ll pop in to talk about my contributions to the anthology: Cat & Mouse and The One Who Got Away.

Listen to the show live, call in (646-378-0402), and/or interact with writers who stop by the chat room.

Sippin On Ink is an exploration into all things LGBT oriented. If you are a writer, artist, producer, musician, filmmaker, poet or actor or just interested in all of the above, then this is the show for you!

Skin Folk

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Black Lesbians Matter

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Zuna Institute announces the release of the Black Lesbian needs assessment report, “Black Lesbians Matter.” Authored by Francine Ramsey, Zuna Institute’s Executive Director; Dr. Marjorie J. Hill, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Chief Executive Officer; and Cassondra Kellam, PhD Student, Graduate Center, CUNY, this report examines the unique experiences, perspectives, and priorities of the Black Lesbian community.

The “Black Lesbians Matter” report, the result of a quantitative study, is akin to a Black Lesbian “census.” Regional, statewide, and local organizations that support Black LGBTQ asked Black lesbians to speak up and be heard, to stand up and be counted; 1,596 Black lesbians answered that call by participating in focus groups and through an on-line survey.

Cherry Bomb Episode 421: When Love Hurts

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Cherrybomb is an online talk show for women who love women…

The most recent episode discussed domestic violence with Roberta Munroe director of the short film Dani and Alice.

To learn more about the ladies of Cherry Bomb TV – visit their site:
To see the current season of Cherry Bomb – visit
To learn more about Roberta Munroe – visit her site:
Dani and Alice trailer (warning–this trailer contains a depiction of domestic violence).

The The Passing of Ira Jeffries, African Amercan Lesbian Playwright, Griot, Journalist, LGBT activist

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please forward widely especially among your networks

(There is a AWESOME and historic audio recording of Ira Jeffries, Griot Circle Founder Regina Shaver and others talking about about their lives as African American lesbians over 50 and the our history as Black LGBT people – Imani Henry)

The Passing of Ira Jeffries – July 16th 2010 from Ronald Lonesome
Friends, after six weeks in a coma brought on by a massive stroke, Ira Jeffries expired yesterday, July 16th at 3 p.m. She was a patient on the Hospice Unit at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Following her wishes, she will be cremated, and the cre-mains will be placed in the columbarium at The Riverside Church. She did not want a funeral or memorial service. However, Maranatha would like to host a program at Riverside Church honoring the life and legacy of Ira. We’re asking members of GRIOT, SAGE, Theater Groups, Playwrights, Artists, and other friends of Ira to participate in the planning of this event. Please email us at Thanks to all of you for your support. Ira was a talented, spirited artist and a loving human being. ~ Ronald Lonesome

From her Bio from WOW’s GRIOT festival
Ira Jeffries has been a playwright for over twenty years and a member of the WOW collective for over ten years. She is a graduate of City College with a B.A. in communications. She has written over twenty plays, most of which have been produced at WOW. She founded Kaleidoscope Theatre to produce her own plays and deal with issues of the lesbian community. In 1985 she received an Audelco Theatre Award for Excellence in Playwriting.